Beta 3 Américaine a commencé!!!

Posté le Vendredi 18 Janvier 2002
En effet, sur ce site, il y a une annonce du début de la beta 3 américaine. Cette annonce semble confirmée par Vosx de Ubisoft: "Heheh, Im working on that now guys. Page will be updated soon. Glad you like those screens since I took em! Woot! By the way, the first picture is an Aelfborn Mage, and the second picture (left: Human Confessor, right: Human Templar) and I want to say thanks for those two standing patiently while I took about a 100 screens." A lire ici Pour cela, 2 superbes screenshots ont été mise en ligne (peut etre plus cette nuit?). Retrouvez ces screenshots sur ce lien Edit: L'annonce officielle "January 17th, 2002 Wolfpack Studios and are pleased to announce that the official North American closed beta test has commenced for the eagerly anticipated fantasy-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) Shadowbane. Over two years of game development, internal testing, and design work by Wolfpack Studios has culminated in the release of this closed beta test. The selected group of beta testers, chosen from the rapidly expanding Shadowbane community, have started to enter the lands of Aerynth™ and experience the immersive world and addictive game play of Shadowbane this week. "We are very excited that Shadowbane has reached this key milestone, and we are looking forward to seeing how the world of Aerynth and the community evolve during the closed beta period," said Jason Rubinstein, General Manager of "This test will help us further shape and define this great project with Wolfpack Studios and lead the way to commercial release.""
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