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Posté le Lundi 14 Janvier 2002
Préambule de Gilgalad: Après une idée émise par Gérakis, j'ai obtenu une interview de Anshe, à propos de Braialla's Presence bien sur, mais aussi du CoL. Je tient à remercié au passage Evildeus, qui bien sur accepté de publier l'interview sur le site de Sb-Jeux Online, mais qui a aussi posé quelques questions pour Anshe. Lycaon qui a traduit les questions de l'interview, et tout ceux qui ont chercher des questions a posé à Anshe, à savoir ; Thelanas, Hyunkel Crystal, Buckaroo, Valareth Naerth, Mh'aat. (Désolé si j'en ai oublié) [J'ai, il y a peu, fait état de rumeurs de problèmes dans une guilde (Braialla's Presence). Gilgalad m'a proposé de publier une interview en anglais de Anshe (la Guild Leader n'est pas francaise), ce que j'ai accepté. Pour recadrer le tout, sachez que BP est une guilde multi-langue, suivante de Braialla, une guilde druidique en somme. Elle fait partie d'un regroupement de guildes francaises, anglaise et allemande, le CoL (Circle of Lords). Le site de Braialla's Presence. J'essairai dans un futur proche (si le site devient opérationnel) d'avoir d'autres interview de Guild Leaders!] Why did you decide to invest yourself in Shadowbane? In the past I have played several MMORPGs, both PvE and PvP. I've always dreamed of building something with my friends in game and to compete with other groups of players for something that matters. I also have the expectation that Shadowbane will give a broader range of player types a chance to play a role in GvG. In contrast, previous PvP games often favored small groups of players with an extremly high time budget. Are you a man or a woman? I am a woman. We are a total of five female players in Braialla's Presence. Is it difficult to manage a multilingual guild? There are not many problems as long as everybody knows English and not one linguistic group is too large. It becomes fairly hard when some members don't understand English or more than 50% speak French or German as their mother language. So manageing a multilingual guild brings a certain challenge with it, but it is well worth it. We were the first Shadowbane guild that decided to become all-European and we don't regret it. Having members from more than 10 different countries also means that for almost every group in game we have members who can communicate with them in their native language. All our news are posted in French, English and German and we are present in all the player communities, even the smaller ones, such as the Russian or Swedish community :-) What makes your guild different from any other? We worship a deity and want to follow the storyline of the game. Our focus is on adventuring and questing, with the restoration of the Great Balance being the ultimate quest for us, as followers of Braialla. So attaining might is only a means to allow us to follow our designation. From an out of character perspective, being an all-European guild also makes BP together with the CLOWNs different from most of the other guilds in the European Shadowbane community. What is your vision of the role that BP will have in SB? Hopefully, Braialla's Presence will be a respected group that will be known for its roleplaying, skill, and involvement in the developing history of Aerynth. Those who worship the Green Mother or strive to restore the Balance will find trustworthy allies when seeking us out :-) What is your vision of Calenost? Calenost, the Green City, is our vision of a refuge for those who respect Braialla and, out of character, mature players who like to play in a location where people speak English. It will be our home and our base of operations to pursue our quest. What is your long-term vision of BP, of the CoL? In the long term I envision Braialla's Presence as a closeknit group of friends, a medium sized guild of players that is a fixed part of the European player community and the gameworld. The Circle of Lords should be the larger context, possibly a nation, that provides an area of stability to its citizens. The CoL should become a major force to restore order and balance and to help remove Shadowbane from the World Tree. If we will ever see this glorious day, the Presence will try to use its influence to prevent the mighty blade from falling into the wrong hands or corrupting its holder. How do you feel about the recent witch hunt against BP? Well, you cannot stay cool when your guild suddenly becomes the most read subject in the official public forums. You get excited. This is a game, and it becomes your reality for a while. I surfed to read everything I could about that "witch hunt". But actually the feelings came later, a few days after the first posts about us. Yes, I was rather happy when I noticed that one of the side effects was an increased number of visits to our web site, and a few more applications for membership than usual :-) What do you think of this criticism:"You are a young guild, that has everything to prove, you are about to explode ? Since Shadowbane has not been released yet, every guild has to proove it can be successful in that game. Most of our players have several years of MMORPG experience and the core of our guild has already been playing a MMORPG together. Our guild community has grown for over a year, our boards a frequented, our weekly chats well visited. It is fun to see a guild grow and mature :-) At a political level, is you goal really to eat one by one every guild? Hihi. This image of a hungry horde of forest canibals is really funny ;-) Seriously, we don't have any plans for eating guilds. Everybody who wants to join us has to go through our application process and spend some time as a petitioner before becoming a member of our guild. Of course some people joined us who have been members of other guilds before. But they first left their guilds and then applied for Braialla's Presence :-) What do you think of the fact that 2 guilds decided to break alliance with BP and go it alone? This is a game that has not even started. I respect the desire of other guilds and their members to play a different role than we envision for our guild. I am looking forward to see how HN is going to portray the more sinister Dar Kheledur and what the wild, freedom loving barbarian's tribe of WdN will look like in game :-) Do you still maintain good relations with HN and WdN? We still have good relations with WdN. We also still maintain friendly relations with most members of HN. Did you envisage a possible war between BP and HN or WdN? No. In general, why some applicants have been rejected? We require applicants to spend some effort following through several steps of an application process that requires weeks, sometimes months until full membership. People who fail following through those steps on their own initiative don't receive second or third invitations. We also don't tolerate members who do not show a minimum of respect for other players. Do you think that you'll manage to reach your goal: to create a european nation? Yes, I am very enthusiastic about the progress we made during the recent months. With the arrival of the CLOWNs, we now have the critical mass for an English speaking town that we plan to establish within the alliance of the Circle of Lords. And it is still several months until release :-) Have some applying guilds been rejected by the CoL yet? We had some smaller guilds who asked for the same status in the CoL alliance as BP, AdS and HdO, which we were not able to offer them. How do you intend to stay neutral in game? Don't you think that your neutrality can be dangerous in Shadowbane? Actually, the alignment of Braialla's Presence is not exactly neutral. While we are not expansionist and are not trying to conquer and reign as much of Aerynth as possible, we do have our mission to worship Braialla and strive to restore the Balance. It is just that the struggle for power between different nations does not interest us, unless it interferes with our quest or our own security. The fact that we have entered alliances with other guilds also brings commitments that will force us into taking sides when our allies come under attack. Does BP intend to keep his pacific guild status forever, or only the necessary time to be sure to be able to make a war with no worries? Those who respect Braialla and are friendly to both our members and our allies will have nothing to fear. Our mission is not world domination, but the quest to restore the Balance. >Do you think that BP will manage to set up itself in game? same question for the CoL? Yes >Is BP powerful enough to push back a massive attack? Currently, there is no European guild or alliance that I think we could not defend against with the help of our allies. But who knows, maybe one day after release a horde of chaos will walze over the whole server. I am sure we will do great in Shadowbane, but the storyline will for sure be very dynamic with lots of ups and downs for every guild involved. This is a game. We win some, we loose some and we hope we will have a lot of fun all the way :-) © SB-JeuxOnline
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